4hrs Complete Airline Experience + ATC


This experience is ideal for customers who have already completed a basic session with us to build on what they have already learnt or for an enthusiast who has acquired some basic knowledge and wants to see how it’s really done.

P.S. This package includes real traffic controllers communications with instructions to follow! Perfect if you ever wanted to see how to deal with ATC.

This is a 240 minute experience which consists of around 30 minute briefing on the principles of flight in the aircraft you will be flying today. This is followed by 30 minutes with your instructor where you will go through important aspects like the weather (real weather), the fuel you need, route and other operational issues for your next 2 flights, just as you would in the crew room of your airline.

This flight will also include ATC, which will involve talking to traffic controllers and following their instructions (instructor can deal with this if required). Please note that this will depend on ATC coverage available at the time, it could also mean that there would be a 1 or 2 flights, it all depends how busy airports are and how quickly we can departure with ATC clearance. We will always try to fit 2 flights where possible.

After starting engines and taxiing out you will get airborne and fly a route, selected by the instructor, operating the navigation computers and managing the aircraft.

Listen out for ATC instructions! 🙂

They will be given on arrival once voucher is redeemed
?Nice pilot wings pin badge with Ness Aviation logo
?Ness Aviation Lanyard
?Flash drive with whole experience flight recorded on 2 different cameras that capture view from inside the cockpit and from the front for landing.
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