You are captain for the day – 8hrs Competition (ENDED)


This is your chance to Captain the B737-800 for a four sectors, 8 hour, day during a busy passenger schedule. Take up your position of a “Line” pilot and fly your aircraft, crew and passengers safely to their destinations.

London Gatwick to Paris (Charles De Gaulle)
Paris (Charles De Gaulle) to Birmingham
Birmingham to Zurich
Zurich to London Gatwick

or any other destinations.

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This is a competition based on 75 tickets for £10 each. There is maximum 5 ticker per user. Winner will be picked by google random number generator.

For this competition to be drawn, minimum 50 tickets needs to be sold. If they are not sold before time ends, we will draw number of gift vouchers winners equivalent to value of tickets sold.

Your day will start with the flight from London Gatwick Airport to Paris and returning to Birmingham. After reaching Birmingham you will have the chance to step out of the flight deck, relax, have a light sandwich lunch and have a chat about your flight while your aircraft is prepared for your next two sectors. From Birmingham you will fly to Zurich in Austria which is tucked into the mountainous region of the Eastern Alps and is close to the border with Germany.

As Captain of those flights you will be provided with flight plans and navigation charts. Along with your experienced First Officer, you will run through the flight plan, check the real weather and prepare for each flight.

On the flight deck you and your first officer will set up the aircraft ready for each departure. You will need to make sure the aircraft has the correct amount of fuel for the flight, the flight management computer is correctly programmed and the weather has not changed. After each take off you will be monitoring the aircraft systems, following the flight plan and preparing for the decent and the arrival into your destination.

Previous winner!

We can amend the flight plan as required.

Date Username Ticket Number
10 October 2021 2:50 pm nadia.witham 13
9 October 2021 1:20 pm ross.henderson 25
9 October 2021 1:09 pm john.mackenzie 12
9 October 2021 1:09 pm john.mackenzie 10
9 October 2021 12:23 pm megan.parish 73
8 October 2021 4:31 pm andrew.whitmore 19
4 October 2021 5:39 pm robert.allan 32
4 October 2021 6:05 am stephen.simpson 54
4 October 2021 6:05 am stephen.simpson 15
3 October 2021 10:34 am fraser.ross 22