With the COVID-19 pandemic still being at the forefront of the public’s mind we wanted to let you know about the measures we have put in place to ensure that your safety is paramount. Socially distancing wherever possible we can tell you that our 737 fixed base simulator is more than 1m from the co-pilot.

In order to correctly follow the governmental guidelines outlined, we plan to implement measures to follow social distancing and cleanliness. Please kindly read below what we ask of you along with how we plan to safeguard our visitors:

  • If you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of any kind, cancel your appointment. If our staff suspect that you have symptoms or any respiratory issues that may put them in danger, you will be asked to leave and rebook at a time you are feeling better.


  • ‘Respiratory hygiene’ is to be followed whilst visiting our flight centres. They are infection prevention measures to decrease the transmission of any respiratory illness and as such we ask that you cover your face when sneezing or coughing. We ask that you use a tissue or handkerchief where at all possible but current governmental guidelines also suggest that if you do not have something to use, coughing or sneezing into your arm, more specifically the inside of your elbow is an adequate option.


  • As per government guidelines, Ness Aviation recommends the use of masks at all times. These will not be provided by the company, please bring your own should you require them.


  • Customers and direct members of their family are welcome to attend the experience, however we are limited to max 2-3 people including person flying.


  • Visitors upon arrival are required to use the supplied hand sanitiser upon entering the building.


  • Any surfaces touched by staff or a member of the public (flight deck controls, doors) will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day as detailed in governmental healthcare guidelines.


  • Our 737 simulators allow for the 1 meter plus social distancing rule to be adhered to.


  • Complimentary tea and coffee facilities will not be available during the course of the pandemic. We kindly ask that visitors bring their own refreshments.


The above is subject to change depending on the decline or spread of the pandemic as I am sure you would expect.

We kindly ask that you continue to check back to this page for any changes which will have the last edited date at the top for your information.

Expiry for our experiences are set to 12 months. This is also subject to change but please be advised that we will offer expiry terms that benefit the customer in these very strange times.