Ladies and Gentelmens

Can anybody fly the plane?

There has been an incident in the cockpit….. so……errrr…..well…..can anybody fly the plane?

Are you the hero to save the day? Have you got what it takes to safely pilot an airliner with over 160 lives on board with only some guidance over the radio? Can YOU land the plane when it really matters?

You’ll be escorted into the flight deck, and then, on your own with only a voice on your headset, a pilot will try and talk you down. You’ll find the aircraft cruising along at a mere 500mph at 38,000 feet, the rest is down to you! What could possibly go wrong?

Please note that you won’t be required to use yoke to fly the plane in this experience. You will be instead required to follow instructions to turn the plane, descent, slow down etc with use of autopilot. You will still get to do everything else to prepare plane for auto land except physically using yokes. 

What to expect:

  • Following a safety and basic control operation briefing you’ll be escorted into the simulator for your moment of glory!
  • Once you are seated you will be given a headset, this is what you will use to talk to the pilot who will talk you down. This is when your flight time at the controls, 30 minutes, begins.
  • Within 30 minutes you should be safely back on the ground…. if you make it…all you need to do is listen!
  • Competition time – Think you can do better than your family or friends, maybe even better than your mates at work? Get 20% off for booking multiple sessions, the best approach and landing gets the bragging rights! Contact us for discount code for multiple sessions purchase.


We can reset the flight at various stages giving you multiple attempts at getting on the ground safely. You’ll get the full 30 minutes to try and make it! We are all counting on you in the back!

That’s no problem, if you listen carefully, you can make it safely on the ground! Well we hope so 🙂

Trust me! You will know 🙂

Feel free to bring someone along with you on the day, they’ll be able to hear everything the pilot is telling you, and see you sweat from the comfort of the back seat!


What our clients say

I've never flown a plane before but after having a shot at the 737 Simulator, I feel as if the next time I'm on a Ryanair flight, I could chap on the cockpit door and ask the Captain for a shot😁 Krys, gets you to do all the pre flight checks pilots go through, flicking switches, turning dials and inputting the flight information into the planes computer. There's even a button to let the passengers on board. When you do that, you actually hear sounds of people boarding and flight attendants going about their jobs. This experience is very realistic. The simulator is an exact replica of a 737 cockpit. At times you have to remind yourself you are not actually flying a plane, it's that realistic. The graphics outside the windows on the screens make you feel as if you are actually flying, although it's hard to enjoy the views as you are focused on trying to keep the plane level and in the air, using the flight monitors😆 If you are looking for something different to give to someone as a gift , then look no further than booking a flight with Ness Aviation Trust me you will not be disappointed 10/10

by Bruce Morrison

I recently did a session in the Ness Aviation Simulator, WOW, what an experience! The entire simulator really is the 'real' thing. Every input and control is 100% accurate and replicates the real aeroplane incredibly well. The visuals are outstanding and the instructor, Chris, adapts the level to that of the visitor. Highly recommended to anyone with any interest in aviation.

by Kathleen Mackenzie

Just finished my first time in the simulator with Krystian! Unreal experience! Had never done anything like that before and found it really enjoyable! We done a few flight tests including A night loop around Vegas! Once I got used to some of the controls (with a little help) it became easier and I gained confidence! Even managed to land in Vegas safely! Highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys flying and thought of themselves as a modern day “maverick” or anyone who is a nervous flyer, Krys explained how many of the safety features can help a pilot land safely and for me who’s a bit nervous when it comes to flying it was rather reassuring! Not everyday you get a chance to fly a 737!

by Kyle Fitzgerald

AMAZING experience, 10/10! I have zero experience with flight simulators so found the amount of controls quite daunting but Krystian explained everything in detail and gave clear instructions as to what to do and I successfully managed a slightly bumpy taxi, take off and landing with a quick loop around the mountains by Innsbruck airport, Austria, and it was incredible. So unbelievably realistic I truly felt I was onboard an actual plane and had been in flight. This experience will definitely cater for the novices like myself as well as experienced domestic pilots wishing to have a bash at commercial flying. I cannot recommend Ness Aviation highly enough.

by Andrew Knight